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Me And ThE BrOkEn EnGliSh

muahahahhaha.. if paan and zamerious see this.. they will talk-talk behind me..
just for fun.. im trying to write in english.. and it will be hard to me to write then speak in english.. wakakakka.. so paan plss.. dont smile at me.. i can teach u how to speak ''ganu'' but i can't sure im good in english..wawawawa...

today im very happy because.. it's end of januari.. tomorrow will be February. i love february. my birthday on february.. i dont know why i love february.. but i still love this february.. hope it will be a good month to get the good things on my life?? insyaallah..

what i'm going to say here is.. related with our attitude... yes.. that attitude.. only you can change your attitude.. not me.. not others.. so?? u think your self '' la??'' hihihihikalau suka klik sekali.. kalau tak klik 2 kali;p

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